Payroll Accountant


Tjiurimuje Mukuambi, shortly known as Tjiuri, is a young, dynamic lady that hails from the small town of Grootfontein.


– She successfully completed her undergraduate degree in Accounting at Polytechnic of Namibia, currently known as NUST.
– She went to further her studies in South Africa at The University of the Free State, obtaining her Honours in Accounting.
– She additionally completed her Postgraduate Diploma in Applied Accounting Sciences with the University of South Africa (UNISA).

Tjiurimuje has over five years of work experience, mostly in the audit industry. She completed her audit articles at BDO Namibia. She stayed on an additional year post her articles, leading her team as the senior auditor.

She then decided to leave the audit industry and joined the Totus Consulting Group family. She was appointed as the Payroll Accountant.

Tjiurimuje enjoys spending time with her family in her free time. She is a mother to a beautiful baby girl. She loves working out and spending time in nature.

She lives by the motto “Those who think they can and those who think they can’t are both usually right”-Confucious.