Totus & BIOSS Systems

BIOSS are the owners of highly acclaimed work technologies, which have proven to be most effective in organisational development and design projects as well as assessing people capabilities and determining their potential. Bioss enables clients to match people with work requirements in the present and with future business needs.

New technology has moved assessments out of the exclusive “high cost, high capability” arena into a much more user-friendly and effective means of determining peoples attributes in management areas such as personality, aptitudes, interests, attitudes and specific capabilities.

Assessments have become a remarkably flexible technology that can be adapted to specific organisational contexts and provide a viable people management approach.

Assessment can be applied in the following areas;

  • Individual & Team Development
  • Recruitment & Selection
  • Performance Management
  • Succession planning
  • Coaching & mentorship

The Social Security Commission has worked with Totus Consulting for years and the value they have added to the business has been immeasurable.   The integrity of the team, coupled with their impeccable attention to detail has assured the Commission of prudence in the field of industrial relations management.

Yulanda Marais

General Manager: Human Resources & Strategy

Totus Consulting has been our preferred partner for all HR related matters since 2006. We have only had the best experience with them and no challenge is too big or small for them to assist with and achieve the best outcome for any situation.

Wolfgang Balzar

Hotel Thule

Totus assist us with personnel administration, monthly payroll, organisational development, industrial relations as well as recruitments. Their expertise, flexibility enables us to manage our human resources effortlessly. We are confident to recommend their services.

H Röschlau

African Marketing