Projects & Clients

Group includes: African Marketing, African Packaging, Herco Marketing
Since: 2005
Services: Payroll, Conflict management, Affirmative Action reporting, labour legislation training
Reference: Mr H Röschlau (Managing Director)

Since: 2007
Services: Generalist Human Resources Services, including Payroll for over a 1000 employees
Reference: Mr A Marino (Managing Director)

Since: 2005
Services: Generalist human resources management services including payroll services
Reference: Ms A San (Managing Director)

Since: 2006
Services: Generalist Human Resources Services
Reference: Mr A Brückner (CEO)

Since: 2009
Services: Consultancy
Reference: Arné Celliers (Director)

Since: 2005
Services: Generalist human resources management services
Reference: Mr H Herrlich (Managing Director)

Since: 2010
Services: Generalist human resources management services

Associations & Federations

Services: Development of an Operations manual, labour law advice and generalist human resources services to individual owners
Reference: Mr S Malan (Chairperson)

Since: 2002
Services: Minimum wage negotiations for the industry, labour law advice
Reference: Ms R Schmidt (President)

Other Major Clients

Department: (Namibia Standards Institution)
Services: Organizational Development Project (Structure, Job descriptions, policies, remuneration structure)
Reference: Mr O Kaakunga (Deputy Director: Internal Trade)

Services: Strategic Planning & Employee Relations
Reference: Mr J Madisia (Director)

Services: Retained for human resources management services (’04 – ’05)
Reference:Mr H- T Jauss (Operational Director)

Services: Affirmative ActionEmployee relations issues & Strategic Planning Facilitation
Reference:Mr G Holz (Business Director)

Services: Job descriptions writing, drafting of Conditions of Employment & Affirmative Action policy
Reference:Mr D Pokolo (Group GM: Human Resources)

Services: Employee relations and Personnel Administration issues
Reference:Mr T Weylandt (Managing Director)

Services: Employee relations & Assessments (CPA’s)
Reference: Ms T v Rooyen (Group HR Manager)

Services: Employee relations
Reference: Ms N Burger (H R Manager)

Services: Employee relations & Personnel Administration
Reference: Mr N Krüge (Owner)

Services: Employee relations & Personnel Administration
Refernce: Mr R Kötting (Managing Director)

Services: Employee relations issues & Strategic Planning
Reference: Mr W Balzar (General Manager)

Services: Employee relations & Union negotiations
Reference: Mr T Michels (Director)

Services: Employee relations issues & Affirmative Action plans
Reference: Mr F Sturm (Owner)

Services: Land reform negotiations with union
Reference: Mr H Schneider (Owner)

Services: Affirmative Action
Reference: Mr F Saenen (Managing Director)

Services: Strike management & Labour Law advice
Reference: Mr M Chemaly (Site Manager)

Services: Job Evaluation
Reference: Ms M v d Westhuizen (T & D Officer)

Services: Psychometric assessments and tests
Reference: Mr S v Doorn (Managing Director)

Services:Generalist Human Resources services

Services: Generalist Human Resources including payroll services

Services: Generalist Human Resources including payroll services

Internationally financed projects

Year: 2003
Services: Identify the training needs of senior personnel and make recommendations so as to address these needs.

Training Needs Analysis: Performed the TNA to the satisfaction of the client and assisting with the implementation thereof.

Year: 2004
Services:Business Plan for Distance Learning of MCS

Assist consortium Rhodes University, University W. Cape and Enviro-Fish Africa (Pty) Ltd, and Mbegani Fisheries Dev. Centre, Tanzania to develop a business plan for Distance Learning.

Year: 2003
Services: Analyse the effectiveness and viability of the Small Business Credit Guarantee Trust.

Viability of Small Business Credit Guarantee Trust (SBCGT): Analysis with recommendations on viability & efficiency of SCBGT.

Year: 2004
Services: To create awareness about integrity and corruption in business and Local Authorities.

Awareness Creation: Prepared, organised and presented several training interventions for business and local authorities.