Personnel Administration & Payroll Services

Personnel Administration

Totus’ consultants are fully trained and experienced in the use of the Sage (previously known as VIP) and D-Bit payroll systems and are thus able to process payrolls either on site (preferred method) or remotely while working through a client’s server or the client’s stand alone system.  Sage Payroll platform is simple, easy-to-use and ideal for small to medium-sized businesses. It is considered accurate, efficient, convenient and customizable.  The D-BIT payroll system is ideal for medium to large businesses that want to automate and streamline their payroll functions. A number of Totus’ clients retain our payroll services on a permanent basis for this purpose which include ensuring that the client complies with all related statutory and contractual requirements such as:


  • Tax (PAYE) and Social Security (de)registrations, deductions and monthly payments;
  • Employee Compensation and Vocational Education Training (VET) Levy contributions;
  • Registering employees on the ITAS system (with the Revenue Agency) as well as registering housing schemes for housing allowance tax benefits;
  • Other related creditor (de)registrations, deductions and payments such as for medical aid and pension fund benefits;
  • Ensuring that employees’ remuneration is structured in a tax efficient manner and in compliance with the Namibian tax legislation.

Our consultants will attend to all related personnel administration duties and ensure that employees’ personal files are kept current with the information needed for the decision – makers. If required, our consultants will also be in a position to prepare a range of reports from the data on the payroll system which will aide them with important decisions that have to be taken from time to time eg comparing the current total salary bill to another period or comparing overtime payments to the previous year, etc.

To ensure greater data security and confidentiality, clients are encouraged to procure their own system and to have the set – up completed by the supplier of the system.