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Industrial Relations: Labour consulting

As indicated before, Totus Consulting Group only consults to employers to avoid situations that create conflict of interest. The consultancy employs specialist labour consultants who have extensive and in – depth knowledge and experience about Namibia’s labour laws and industrial or employee relations best practices. Our labour consulting services’ main focus will always be first and foremost about advising the client on how to build trusting working relationships and in establishing procedures that assist in the managing of conflict so that management can keep control of the situation and maintain a productive working environment.

Clients can consult and or contract our labour consultants to make informed decisions when it comes to managing and or resolving conflict at work. Labour Services that Totus Consulting Group offers in this realm include:

  • Developing or reviewing contracts of employment as well as industrial relations policies and procedures (which includes disciplinary and grievance procedures);
  • Chairing disciplinary and grievance hearings and recommending appropriate disciplinary sanctions or actions to resolve grievances;
  • Initiating disciplinary hearings for the client or representing the client at such hearings;
  • Drafting or reviewing recognition agreements with trade unions;
  • Preparing clients for union negotiations or negotiating with unions on behalf of the client;
  • Advising and or representing clients at conciliation and arbitration proceedings;
  • Training management, supervisors and workplace union representatives (shop stewards) to become acquainted with Namibia’s legislation impacting human resources management as well as in – depth, practical training related to initiating and chairing disciplinary hearings related to misconduct and or poor performance;
  • Advising clients on legal and fair requirements when having to retrench employees and or negotiating with employees about final packages that will be paid out as well as the conditions that will be applicable during retrenchments.

With offices in Walvis Bay and Windhoek, Totus Consulting Group is your first choice for professional, accurate and reliable labour related issues in Namibia. Swakopmund based businesses seeking assistance with their labour related issues are welcome to contact our Walvis Bay office.